Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is the process of self-reflection and communication. It’s an opportunity to reflect on your values, beliefs and wishes; what is important to you in regard to your quality of living and dying.

It involves sharing your thoughts with members of the health-care team as well as your family so that they can communicate your wishes in the event you can longer speak for yourself.

Advance Care Planning is about maximizing your quality of life and being in control of how you live and die. It’s about making decisions for your care – while you’re still in control.

Individuals and families who engage in Advance Care Planning:

  • are more likely to have their health care and end-of-life wishes known and followed;
  • have less stress and anxiety;
  • are more likely to be satisfied with their care;
  • are likely to have better quality of life – and death; and
  • are less likely to be hospitalized or admitted to ICU.
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Last updated: 2023-03-14